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Long story short

10 a C e-Bikes was founded in 2016 on the premise of providing a much needed service to any individual wishing to regain their mobility without the exorbitant costs associated with acquiring a vehicle. We began with a dream, which shaped the idea behind our product concept; which, in-turn, led us to building motorized bikes that help others like us attain their own sense of freedom.

What separates us from other motorized bike retailers is that we actually assemble our bikes, accessories and engine kits. While other companies sell their kits and parts separately, we do the leg-work so you don’t have to. Through years of experience, we specialize in product assembly (with dozens of prior builds), testing and tuning. Furthermore, we specialize in custom-made parts for our Motorized Bicycles that increase dependability, quality and performance. Through trial and error, we are proficient in 4 stroke gas motors, as well as the standard 2 stroke.

Our motorized bikes average 125-mpg and will cruise at a comfortable 35-mph We are constantly trying to better our product with new parts and models. So, don’t settle on a second-class bike that requires constant maintenance, ride away in a 10 aC e-Bike!

At 10 a C e-Bikes, it is our mission to provide the best, most dependable and affordable motorized transportation for our clients. We are continuously working on research & development of our motorized bikes to ensure that we provide only the best products for our clients.

Being family-owned and operated, we value our clients and put emphasis on our customer services. Just as we work with USA-based businesses for quality supplies – we work with our clients and are here for them every step of the way.

In addition to our premium support, we provide an astounding 1-year warranty on all our products!

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